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A passion born out of a bad habit…

For as long as I can remember, I was a nail biter. In my teenage years I started wearing acrylic nails (and I’d bite them too!). Then eventually due to overexposure I developed an allergic reaction, and watched my pretty hands become chewed up nubs. I tried everything to try to quit - bitter taste on my nails, hot sauce on my nails, etc… none of it worked.

Occasionally I’d get a manicure and at some point I realized that if my nails were done - I didn’t bite. This made me learn how to paint my own nails, and then I found nail art and the obsession was born.

What I think is unique to me, and my nail designs, is that they’re chic, classic designs. They add just a little bit of extra personality to your style while still conveying that you’re a serious Girl Boss. I work in Human Resources for the finance industry - and all my designs are Girl Boss appropriate.

I hope you enjoy my designs & I look forward to working on your nails soon!