Step 1

  • Prepare your work area by laying out the nails in application order

  • Make sure to have the nail polish wipe ready to clean off any oils from your nail

  • Have your manicure scissors ready to trim the tabs to your nail

Step 2

  • Clean your nail with the nail polish wipe

  • Pick up the nail tab from the sheet and place it on your nail - with the round shaped side toward your cuticle

  • I like to start with my pinky nail and leave my thumbs for last

Step 3

To remove the paper backing…

  • Flip your hand over

  • Use your thumb nail to separate the backing from the gel tab - I like to do this from the bottom of the tab so as not to pull the tab off my nail when separating the backing


Step 4

  • Flip your hand back over

  • And pull the paper backing off

  • If when you remove the paper backing, you notice an air bubble or the gel tab lift a bit - use the paper backing to press down.

  • If the gel wont adhere, you probably still have some oil on the nail. Take the tab off and use the nail polish wipe to clean it off again


  • If your nails are short, you’ll have more tab than nail

  • Just flip your hand back over and use your manicure scissors to trim the tab to your nail

Step 6

  • Ok - there’s not really a “step” here - but you can see how I trim the nail to the tab.

  • If you have long nails and the tab is shorter than you natural nail, then add a second tab to provide coverage over your entire nail.


Step 7

  • Put the press-on nail on top of the tab and press down for about 10 seconds

Step 8

  • Repeat the process until all of your nails are applied

  • I do like to refrain from washing my hands for just a little bit to let the adhesive set